How to Protect Against Deepfakes

Blockchain is the most impenetrable data storage ever created.

RigidVid uses blockchain technology to arm content producers with the ability to defend and protect their original works through immutability.

Any video, be it raw unedited footage or final cut material, cannot be changed once added to RigidVid. Nothing can be covertly altered or removed without detection.

Every video is stored with cryptographic fingerprints and decentralized timestamps that ensure that all content can be mathematically proven as unaltered from the original version uploaded by the author.

Authenticity certificates are automatically generated, creating a legally defensible record of the date, time, and authenticity of the file.

How does RigidVid work?

Every time a new video file is saved, RigidVid fingerprints the data and adds it into the proprietary RigidVid micro-blockchain.

Your local micro-blockchain then synchronizes with RigidBit master blockchain, which provides a hassle-free way to bridge the gap to the Ethereum public blockchain, all while keeping all your data completely private.

This process creates a proof chain from your video all the way to the public blockchain. Your video can then be proven to be authentic, and any attempted alteration is easily detected.

Here’s what you do:

Install RigidVid on the computer where you store your videos. Installation is quick and simple.
Configure RigidVid, telling it the location of your videos. Configuration is easy – no coding required.
Forget about it. Simply save your videos the way you normally do. RigidVid will automatically import all your video files from now on.

RigidVid does all the work, quietly running in the background to protect the authenticity of everything you produce.

How to prove your video is authentic:

Locate the correct video and revision by searching for the filename of your video.
Generate a 1-click proof document for your video.
Distribute the generated proof document with your video to any party that requires proof, allowing them to independently verify authenticity using the tools and instructions from

RigidVid will tell you when a video has been changed.

The RigidVid blockchain is self-validating. Full chain audits can be run on-demand or scheduled periodically. In the event that a video has been unexpectedly changed, a checksum failure will occur. The affected file is flagged, and the user will know that the situation requires investigation.

Working with RigidVid:

RigidVid technology has uses across multiple industries. Learn more about specific Industry Solutions for RigidVid.

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