The RigidVid Mission: Truth

At RigidVid, we are on a mission to protect the truth. We see this new world of data corruption and manipulation as an attack on the very definition of a civilized society.

Today, hackers and people with mal-intent can destroy someone’s character by manipulating videos and making them appear to be real. Creating a deepfake is becoming easy, so easy that mobile apps enable anyone to insert themselves into famous feature film scenes. And since the technology to create deepfakes is 100x more sophisticated than the technologies to detect deepfakes, we live in a world where detection of video fraud may never be possible. This is the edge of the loss of truth.

Why is knowing what is true so important? Truth enables common understanding, learning, and growth. When presented with information that challenges your beliefs, what allows you to ultimately change your beliefs? Certainty that the information is true. It’s how we expand our views of the world and how we find alignment and commonality across communities.

When truth is lost, learning stops. Growth stops. Enforcing the law becomes impossible. Division and divisiveness grow.

The truth is everything. RigidVid protects what is real, what is true. It’s foundational. It’s painless. It’s essential.

Leadership Team


RigidVid is led by Scott Langmack and Jordan Mack.

Scott Langmack


Scott brings over 25 years of marketing and technology innovation experience. He oversees all go-to-market and sales activities for RigidVid. Previous positions include:

GM of OEM Marketing, Microsoft
While at Microsoft Scott led marketing in the $7B OEM group, Microsoft’s largest and most profitable division, where he led a B2B focused effort for critical partners like IBM, Dell, HP, Toshiba, and Sony.

Senior Vice President and CMO, Borland Software
Scott helped lead the turnaround at Borland, where he was responsible for all brand, advertising, PR, industry activity, and sales collateral for key products like JBuilder (leading Java development platform) and Delphi (.NET development tool).

Senior VP and CMO, Securify (sold to McAfee)
Securify was a robust permission-based network security technology that was nearly impossible to hack. Well ahead of its time, it required a serious commitment to deployment and management of a somewhat complex, but powerful system. Customers included every department of the US Department of Defense, including all branches of the military, as well as several enterprises.

Director of Worldwide Marketing, Pepsi
While with Pepsi, Scott was responsible for all global marketing efforts outside the US and Canada, representing 145 countries and $2.2Billion in revenue. Responsible for all brands, including Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, 7Up, and new products. Created the Pepsi-Max brand which launched the multi-billion dollar zero-sugar cola category, including the brands Pepsi Zero Sugar and Coke Zero Sugar.

Jordan Mack


Jordan is a blockchain expert and is the chief architect of the RigidBit solution. He oversees all development activities supporting the RigidVid Application.

Jordan is a software engineer with over 20 years of professional experience. Most recently as a self-employed freelancer for companies from Fortune 100 to startups, Jordan has significant experience with B2C apps and SaaS technologies.

Jordan first became involved with blockchain dates back to 2011, working with Bitcoin Core, helping to fix bugs and participate in community discussions. He has authored two blockchain whitepapers and has made contributions to multiple other decentralized projects. Jordan has had numerous articles published on blockchain, some of which have received viral acceptance, accumulating over 1M views.

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