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The greatest threat to our society is an erosion of our ability to know what is real.

Deepfake technology can generate highly realistic and almost indeterminately false videos. As this technology improves, it will become increasingly difficult to know what is real.

We are at risk of a loss of truth.

In this new uncertain era of security, knowing what is real is now just as important as what was stolen.

What is real matters because criminals can:

Alter legal evidence

allowing false incriminations and missed convictions

Alter public videos

harming the character of politicians, celebrities, and individuals

Alter records of recent events

affecting news and popular opinion

Alter electoral information

changing the direction of a country

Alter international conflict evidence

sending countries into war

More than ever before, we must become aware of the threat, and take the necessary precautions to ensure our information sources are authentic and real.

RigidVid’s Blockchain Technology

RigidVid uses sophisticated blockchain technology to certify the authenticity of a video. Once the video is fingerprinted, authentication data is encoded and stored in an immutable blockchain to provide provable authenticity.

This technology makes it possible to certify, with 100% mathematical certainty, that videos have not been altered since their original inclusion. This provides a concrete foundation of truth to build upon and an absolute basis of comparison to determine the legitimacy of any suspect video.

RigidVid is foundational, painless, and essential to any technology framework – silently working in the background to ensure the legitimacy of your platform.

Learn more about RigidVid’s technology and the dangers of deepfake videos.

Protect your integrity.

RigidVid is ideally suited for situations where video content can, if altered, damage credibility and public trust. Examples include:

Political Campaigns

Police Body Cams

Witness Testimonies

Video Trial Evidence

Broadcast News

Celebrity Character

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